الخميس، 28 مارس 2013

A Lost Cause

This is me.
I’m the girl you do not want to expect too much from. For my biggest joy is to watch how surprised, even overwhelmed, you are by a sudden step I would take towards you.
Expect too much from me and you will wind up disappointed. Indeed, I don’t mean to disappoint, but my considerations are always different from yours. I was created thusly, and, certainly, I played no part in my own creation. Not everything you see I see, not everything you fathom I fathom and not all the hints you think obvious are seen by me!

This is me.
I’m the girl who needs a special treatment, who can’t be proven guilty, just like mad people in courts. There is not much I can expect from you, and yet I’m always surprised by what little you have! Yes, what you have is little, trust me. Whatever anybody has is always little in anybody’s eyes, because—stupid as we are—seek perfection. And yet, despite all that, I managed to adapt myself to what little you have and not hurt you by asking for more!

This is me…the girl who will never be good for you, but you still love her.

I’m the girl on whom you started to impose your ways once you had me, claiming that you fear for me and need to protect me. The thing is, though, that abiding by any of your decrees means that I’m altered into someone else other than the one you had loved. And then you won’t love me. And then I will love myself no more!

I’m the girl who will be surprised at your surprise when, entering your room one day, you will have found her hung from the ceiling after having left a short note explaining that she could not be what you wanted her to be, which rendered her incompetent. But rest assured that she shall annotate the note with a smiley face at the end. For my intention isn’t to hurt you, but make things better…for you!

I’m the girl whose cause with you has always been lost.

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